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Pireeni   Sundaralingam

Dedicated to examining the confluence of science and art, Sundaralingam has held national fellowships both in cognitive science and in poetry. Educated at the University of Oxford , she has held scientific research posts at MIT, UCLA and Oxford and is editor of Indivisible, the first national anthology of South Asian American poets (University of Arkansas Press, 2010), winner of the 2011 N. California Book Award.

Her poetry has been published in journals such as Ploughshares, and The Progressive and anthologies by W.W.Norton, Prentice Hall, & Macmillan, and translated into several languages, including Gaelic, Swedish, Vietnamese and Tamil. Sundaralingam has spoken on the intersections between poetry and the brain at MOMA (New York), the deYoung Fine Arts Museum, the Exploratorium(San Francisco), and the Life in Space symposium at Studio Olafur Eliasson (Berlin). In 2011, she was awarded a fellowship in Interdisciplinary Thinking from Berlin Kunst University.     more

Colm   Ó   Riain

Both violinist and composer, Colm likes to sit on borders. Classically, a former leader of the National Youth Orchestra of Ireland, he is also a well-known violinist on the Irish music scene - in San Francisco and beyond. He has performed at festivals and venues throughout the world and with his own band, he explores the connection between Irish music and Jazz, Brazilian, Cuban, Indian, Gypsy and other musical genres. Their new CD releases in Fall 2011.

He has also written and recorded music for film, orchestra, theater and multi-ethnic instrumental groups.


Photo © 2001 Don Rubin